Our platform is a next generation virtual fashion presentation where VR, Mixed Reality and live 360 streaming provide an immersive environment. We take the catwalk and encapsulate you on a journey beyond the physical realm, where the viewer is no longer a voyeur, but an integral part of the show. 


  • Collaborative Content Sharing
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Live Comments
  • Cross Platform Live Streaming
  • Consumer Targeting
  • World-Wide Reach


Our brief is simple in it's vision, but existential in its opportunities. Basically we are interested in challenging the approach of the fashion presentation. Be this the convention of catwalk, showroom or retail space through using an immersive VR/Mixed Reality platform to broadcast live 360 streaming.


The clear objective is to fully integrate technology into fashion, providing a platform in which a larger audience is accessible for showcasing, whereby the viewing capacity is increased to a worldwide audience providing a new awareness of design and exposure, thus creating a more independent creative stance and showcase experience in story telling within a live 360 stream or a virtual environment.


Live 360 streaming is redefining the user experience and delivering a whole new level of realism to the people that matter – your target audience. For those of you who thought live 360 streaming and Virtual Reality was just about gaming, we totally disagree. 360 streaming will change the peoples perception of each other, and as a result, we will become more compassionate, more engaged and more open to both new ideas and experiences.


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